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Aurore Liz / March 12th, 2013

(…) Fernandez, who arrived at our interview sporting a black eye from the set of his latest movie, a biopic of the boxer Johnny Tapia.

With a more hippyish demeanour, it was no surprise that the man who plays David, the film’s central figure (played by Campbell in the original), got more into the evil side of things on set.

“For real I try and put myself as close to the situation as I can mentally, so that means it got a little scary, it got a little funky, imagining your sisters (Mia, played by Jane Levy) banging on this thing trying to get out when she’s burning her skin off,” Fernandez said.

The star even indulged in what could be seen as a bit of method horror acting, revealing: “The scariest moment was when Fede wanted me to feel the fright, so told me we were on a Maori burial ground. He sent me 500 yards into the woods and said, ‘I want you to stay there for ten minutes’, then come back and do the scene.”

However when pushed as to whether he indulged in method acting like Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis he joked: “I’m so method I don’t do my own character I do Christy Brown (Day-Lewis’ character from My Left Foot).”

In particular one scene from the movie has got people talking here at SXSW, and that’s one where Mia (Jane Levy) vomits up blood in the face of another character, it was something that Fernandez was clearly glad he didn’t have to do.

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