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Aurore Liz / July 4th, 2015

Let’s get one thing noted at the start: Shiloh Fernandez is admittedly not an artsy, actory actor—he’s just a guy paying the bills, as a million people watch. Some of the things that have paid his bills are EVIL DEAD, WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD, RED RIDING HOOD, THE EAST, RETURN TO SENDER, and the upcoming, WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS. For a kid who nearly flunked his high-school drama class, he’s paying those bills just fine.

“Acting is my job, I don’t see it as art. When I paint or play guitar, that’s art. That’s just my own personal opinion. I’m probably wrong to say acting isn’t an art, but to me it’s my work,” he says, peering off into the dry canyon hillside.

It’s not a quarter way through our interview and Fernandez is aiming a BB gun, firing it off into his gypsyfied garden of trees, cacti and bushes. We’re at his house, it’s sunset, drinks have been had. We’re off to a good start, sitting on his deck, spreading out along a downward pitch in the Hollywood Hills. Fernandez may currently live somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, but he wasn’t made in the Hollywood Hills. He came from elsewhere, a small rural town in Northern California, where his bathroom was an outhouse. It doesn’t bother him all that much to talk about it. It’s a real past.

Cautious but not hindered, intense but not brooding. Light on the feet, and older than he looks—and he listens. He’ll let you talk even when it’s your job to get him to talk. He tells stories the way you wish everybody could, the way some people hope to use exclamation points, as an imprint of intensity. He’ll possibly even play guitar for you if you catch him the right way at the right time. And when Shiloh looks at an audience of one, really looks at you, it feels like you may be in a little trouble. Open but veiled, wrung out, waylaid in a poetic way. Forthcoming. Dark eyes. Sensitive. Sharp brow. Twitch of a grin. He regards things sideways, thinks before speaking, but speaks freely. It seems to amuse him to speak about his acting career. He doesn’t scowl or use a tag-line or fall into an eyebrow routine. He is himself. So I’ll let him speak for himself.

Approach to acting

“As an actor you try to bring as much as you can to a role. You think you’ve thought a lot about it and encompassed everything that you want to say in any given scene, but sometimes when you’re in the moment, your own thoughts become menial as the bigger picture becomes clear to you. Your own ideas go out the window and instinct kicks in. Trying to better myself as an actor means giving myself over to a character more than anything. In the end what I hope for, is to be in moment, to look at the other actor who’s giving you something, to just react and feel what you’re going to feel. The best thing that can happen is that you have a connection with that person. My hope with other actors in a scene, is that you’re sharing a moment in time together and conjuring authentic feelings.”

Filming his dark role in RETURN TO SENDER

“I filmed that movie so back-to-back from my last project that I didn’t have much time to adjust or prepare and that role sucked me so far down a rabbit role. Then being back in LA after five months away, and trying to figure out what’s next, has been difficult because that character was so strange. It was weird segwaying back to real life. I had to find ways to reconnect to my life, which for me, has always been through family or close friends. Brings me out of my head real quick.”

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